Lakewood-West Colfax BID Operating Plan and Budget (2019)

Colfax Avenue has been at the epicenter of cultural and entrepreneurial activity in the metro area for 150+ years. Colfax Avenue—U.S. 40—part of the old Coast-to-Coast Victory Highway from Atlantic City to San Francisco—was supplanted by the modern interstate system but was never forgotten by the legions who have experienced the unique culture and character that is Colfax Avenue—Main Street Colorado. Colfax earned its reputation as the nation’s longest continuous commercial thoroughfare— and the glitter and grit that comes with it. Though connected by history and geography to stretches of the avenue in Denver and Aurora, West Colfax is a clearly delineated segment. And the Lakewood section of the historic avenue—along with its businesses and neighborhoods— has a story to tell that’ s all its own.

40 West Arts WC BID